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Monday was finally the big shooting day. My cast and crew braved the cold and the myriad of curious passer-bys to shoot this little film.  The final shooting locations were in Prahran, on Commercial Rd and Greville St.

I scored some fantastic performances from the talented Jeremy Kewley and Lucas Linehan, who nailed the necessary ‘one-take wonders’ needed to squeeze the four-page script into 400ft of film stock.

There was some fantastic visual stuff going on, especially at the Greville St location in front of Greville records, and the red and blue flashing lights worked nicely.

Tuesday night was unfortunately very wet and miserable, as well as being my designated night for collecting my city ‘atmos’ shots. I believe that we found some interesting features of the streets, especially a big ‘liquor store’ sign. How very fitting for the script!

Anyway, here are a few stills from the shoot: