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I’ve been doing a fair bit of research into the history of photography in between post-production for My Boy (which is going quite well if I say so myself). As a result, I think I will be shifting the era of my film next year from the 1880’s to around the 1850’s. The photography then interests me more.

I have finally gotten around to putting a name to this particular picture I have always been interested in:

Boulevard du Temple, Paris by Louis Daguerre 1839

Inadvertently, this early photograph by Louis Daguerre was the first photograph of a human being. The exposure time was so long that only the figure getting his boots polished was still enough to expose in the busy street. As exposure times decreased from a staggering 8 hours to 30 minutes and less, photography became a much more accessible medium. I cannot imagine living in a time to see the first photographs. It would surely have been mind-blowing.

It is my intention over the enormous break between uni, that I will follow and replicate the early processes of Daguerre and Joseph Nicéphore Niépce whilst writing, to gain a fuller understanding of how photography came to be. There is a sort of nostalgic pleasure that I have found this year working with film, so I am excited to take yet another step back to a more organic process. I shall eventually share the results. Stay tuned!

Victorian era post-mortem family portrait of parents with their deceased daughter. (Source: Wikipedia)

Now that I have shot my latest film, it is never too early to start with the next one. I have been fascinated by post-mortem photography for many years, so it only seems natural to explore it through film. I would love to know the stories of these families.
This photograph is very interesting. You can tell that the young woman is deceased by the stillness. Photographs of that era took a long time to expose, so living people are always ever so blurry. But the dead are completely motionless, crisp and sharp for the photo.

The other night was the first location search for my film Beat. I need two locations. One needs to be a busy street with shops and a service lane, the other needs to be some shops in a quiet place (like a lane or carpark) that I can cheat to look busy.

I also took the liberty of taking a few shots that I felt captured the atmosphere of my piece. These were shot with a Canon 7D with an 18-135mm lens. Where I could, I kept my settings at the widest aperture, ISO 500 and shutter speed at 50 in order to emulate the amount of light I will get out of the film stock, though this was often not possible.

I will need somewhere that has access to power. Iwas unable to find one, but a ‘nice’ carpark with a few shops would be ideal.

Also I would like to apologize for the horrific formatting of this post. I still haven’t got my head around it.

Corner Fawkner and Acland StThis Milk Bar was very close to home and one of the first shots I took. I like the look of it, but nearby restaurant noise and music made it a bit unusable. I think I perhaps want a bit more of a ‘metropolitan’ feel? This was at the corner of Fawkner and Acland St, St Kilda.

The Laundrette and car park were two contrasting places.  The laundrette had the advantage of being well lit and open throughout the night. The car park with its dim light and dump masters gave the ‘dirty, gritty’ feel I’ve wanted. Might make for a good shot in the film opening.

The following photos I took because I liked the colours and atmosphere. I cannot necessarily recall where I took them all, but at least one of them was taken from a tram.

The soft focus of the city lights, oranges and reds and warm greens contrasted against dirty blacks and browns. Although I don’t feel I’ve captured a busy, living place, if I could liven up this sort of atmosphere, it would be perfect.

Some more locations for filming:

 An arcade at the back of a carpark near a supermarket on Carlisle st.

 Near a pizza restaurant.

 An undercover car park.

I didn’t find any places I specifically wanted to use, as none suited my needs. I found wandering the streets at night very interesting. I think that I understand my film visually a lot better now.

The other day, I found what I hope will be suitable for my film. A little lane off Chapel st in Prahran. I’ve forgotten its name at present but I am going there tonight with my camera. I will use the clothing store/ record store as the main background. Here are some photos I took at dusk. There is a convenient car park just across the road, and it is close to public transport.

Now I just need to work out power…