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Hi there! This was a quick piece I whipped up after an interesting interaction whilst waiting for a tram in the city. It is fairly accurate, but some parts are missing, and slightly changed because I couldn’t remember the context of everything.

I found the character Fleck to be quite interesting. I’m not quite sure why it is, but I seem to give off vibes to complete strangers that they should talk to me, and they offload their entire life story. Maybe they know I’m just too polite to tell them to fuck off. But I’m glad this guy stuck around and spoke to me. I wrote this quickly, with little editing, hoping I could capture him instinctively through his words and voice before my memory faded. I wish he’d stayed a little longer.

Here it is: Bloody Chips (It’s a PDF. WordPress is being a bit weird, so you’ll have to click through twice)

It’s a bit long, at six pages, but mostly dialogue. Time is compressed in places too. I don’t fancy anyone wants to read about me eating chips for seventeen minutes!

This is the second installment of my transcripts of conversations I have heard. This particular time, I was in a car on my way to have lunch out for my sister’s birthday. In the car was myself, Mum, Dad, my sister Paige, and long time family friend/sort of aunt/crazy cat lady Gail.  It all started when I saw a headless terracotta chicken ornament on the side of the road, waiting out for hard rubbish….

PDF File: Sh*t My Family Says

Unlike the last one, this one is nearly verbatim. I say nearly because I can’t quite remember what was said, although I did jot notes, and I can’t think of anything missing. They say you can’t write this sort of stuff, though to be honest,  I can’t see in what situation this sort of dialogue would be relevant in a film. It’s just real life weirdos at their finest!

Here is a short piece. I met a particularly colourful character whilst waiting for trams tonight. His name was Ray, he owns a whitegoods store, was about forty-five, wore a suit, had been drinking, and was very friendly. Here is what happened when he found someone else to talk to. We’ll call him George. This has mostly been taken from memory, though the last part, mostly involving John Travolta, came from a discreet voice recording I tried to get. I have attempted to copy the conversation as best I could, but unfortunately there are gaps. But never mind, Ray had some interesting things to say:

Ray, on Marriage and Whitegoods