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Oh shit.

Posted: March 27, 2012 in Stuff I make, Words of inspiration
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I just worked out what my film is about:

It is about finding the strength to have empathy in a harsh, judgemental and selfish world

How far does someone have to be pushed before they choose to emotionally shut themselves off from the world?

Somehow that has got to happen in two minutes. Crikey!

I decided I wanted to make stories on film around about when I was seventeen; at some stage between filming my friends jumping up and down on a trampoline on a metaphorical musical acid trip and being crushed by a human wall of death whilst recording a local hardcore gig (evidence of both are unfortunately available of YouTube).  I can’t say it was ever a conscious decision, but I began to realize my love for creating stories through film when I started staying up all night and spending all weekend editing school movie projects and drawing storyboards just for the fun of it.

What appeals to me is both the immersion and the economy. With film, unlike any other art form, I have the ability to direct my audience into my own world, the movement, images, music and sound, are all cohesive in creating a world to share with others, no other is quite so sensually engaging . And it can happen so quickly. The power of all those elements together can turn an epic story into a single glance. You can write for pages about a sunset, or a busy street or a dying old man or anything, but nothing compares to taking the audience into your world and giving them the real thing.

First, and foremost, I love writing and telling stories. I have ever since I learned how to write, and my primary school years were filled with ghosts, friendly monsters, one-eyed aliens, thieves and isolated Antarctic communities. I loved the way I could use language to express feeling and images and thoughts. A tree was always more than a tree, every word could be loaded to have many meanings, and there is so much that a reader can imagine and interpret in a good story. It was always a creative challenge I loved doing for as long as I can remember. This just naturally progressed through my years at high school to sounds and moving pictures.

I won’t lie, it’s definitely the spectacle of film which I think triumphed over other storytelling. At school, every kid had to write a short story or a poem at some point. Whether it was any good is up to interpretation, but there wasn’t anything nearly as impressive as being able to dim down the lights, and have everyone absorbed in your creation.  The sounds and colours and images and everything just draw people in, and excite them. They are in your hands until the final credit rolls. This is how I want to share my stories.

The Staven Files

Posted: March 4, 2012 in Words of inspiration

Sup everybody, and welcome to the blog of the procrastinating film student! It is my hope that I may eventually write witty and inspiring things here. The blog has been named, I am writing my first post, so far, so good.

So, following that grand introduction, a bit about the nut behind the keyboard. I am a second year Bachelor of Film and Television student, who is living with Dad five days a week in South Melbourne (soon to be St. Kilda, if all goes well).  I hope that this year, I might be able to finish writing more scripts, rather than starting them for a page or two, then hiding them under obscure file names on my computer.

So far, so good. I was so busy procrastinating the beginning of this blog this weekend, I managed to write the script for my first film of the year. I’d like to call that being productive. I hope this is a consistent trend.

I enjoy playing the guitar badly, cooking with too much garlic and trying to imagine what my life would be if it was set to a sound track (I like to think I’d inspire a sort of epic sweeping orchestral score, dotted with Rocky Horror style musical numbers). I’d like to get around to watching all the classic films I have yet to see, and have been meaning to see.

Thank you for your time. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.